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Introducing JAKA: Your Premier Kitchen Faucet and Sink Supplier

Looking for reliable Kitchen Faucet Suppliers and Exporters, or in search of a trusted Kitchen Sink Supplier? Look no further than Foshan Jaka Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. With over 16 years of dedicated expertise in manufacturing high-quality bathroom and kitchen products, JAKA stands out in the industry for its exceptional range of offerings and unmatched capabilities.


Our Product Range

At JAKA, we specialize in a diverse range of kitchen products that cater to both residential and commercial needs. Our extensive product lineup includes:

  1. Kitchen Faucets: JAKA offers an array of kitchen faucets, including smart sensor products, designed to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen. Our faucets are crafted with precision and innovation to meet the evolving demands of modern kitchens.

  2. Kitchen Sinks: Explore our range of kitchen sinks, featuring materials such as concrete and refractory clay (fireclay sinks). These sinks are not only durable but also exude timeless elegance. Whether you're looking for a contemporary or classic design, we have the perfect sink for your kitchen.


Customization and ODM Service

At JAKA, we understand that every kitchen is unique. That's why we provide you with the flexibility to customize your kitchen faucets and sinks. All the models listed on our website are readily available for your consideration. You can either add them directly to your wish list or use them as a foundation for creating a custom design at our state-of-the-art JAKA factory. We take pride in our ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services, ensuring that your unique vision becomes a reality.


Wholesale Inquiries

For those looking to purchase kitchen faucets and sinks in bulk, JAKA is your ideal partner. Our vast production capacity of 600,000 pieces per year ensures that we can meet your wholesale demands efficiently. To inquire about stock availability and discuss minimum order quantities, please contact us, and our dedicated team will assist you promptly.


Our Competitive Advantages


Get in Touch

For all your kitchen faucet and sink needs, JAKA is here to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to explore our extensive product range, inquire about customization options, or discuss your wholesale requirements. Experience the excellence that JAKA brings to your kitchen, where innovation meets timeless craftsmanship.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and at JAKA, we aim to redefine the heart of your home.




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